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Letter to council RE North Bayshore Circulation Study

To Mayor Kamei and members of the City Council,

MV YIMBY writes in support of the staff recommendations on the North Bayshore Circulation Study.

We believe in Fixing Incentives to create the groundwork for more housing. As such, we support prioritizing transit and active transportation over cars in order to increase the number of homes in our community by addressing traffic concerns upfront for the whole project, in addition to the quality of life and environmental benefits.

We are pleased that staff recommend shifting enforcement to financial penalties rather than permit restrictions, given that the financial feasibility of housing projects is linked to the commercial properties. We concur that fines from noncompliance should be provided to the TMA to implement further SOV-reducing projects.

We also support the city working with partners to create a viable public transportation system in Mountain View. This is critical for addressing traffic concerns related to North Bayshore, and for pursuing a transit-rich designation that may provide grants and streamlining that accelerate the project.

Thank you for considering our input. Kind regards,

Kevin Ma On behalf of the members of MV YIMBY