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Mountain View YIMBY

Why Join Us?

Want to help make abundant housing in California a reality? There are many ways you can help!

  1. Come to our next Mountain View YIMBY Monthly meeting via Zoom.
  2. Subscribe to our mailing list to hear about upcoming advocacy opportunities!
  3. Consider paying membership dues. (See donation details section below)

You can also checkout other upcoming events on our calendar.

Donation Details

Mountain View YIMBY is a chapter of YIMBY Action. YIMBY Action membership dues will give you access to a nation-wide online community of YIMBYs, as well as eligibility to vote on election endorsements.

Membership dues also help pay for resources and staff that enable our grassroots organization punch above our weight.

You can make a membership donation on a monthly basis or a yearly basis, and the donation amount is flexible to accommodate different financial circumstances.

If membership dues are a burden, you can qualify for membership by doing a little volunteer work. Apply for volunteer membership here.

Membership - Monthly

Membership - Yearly