About Us

Mountain View YIMBY

We are Mountain View YIMBY, agitating for more housing in our city and beyond. We are pro-housing activists fighting for more inclusive housing policies and a future of abundant housing in Mountain View. We drive policy change to increase the supply of housing at all levels and bring down the cost of living in our opportunity-rich city.

The Bay Area is not “full.” This shortage is a political problem: Zoning and other restrictions have prevented construction of enough places for people to live. We want to fix this and make our community a more welcoming and inclusive one. Let’s legalize housing.

We are a chapter of South Bay YIMBY, who work throughout Santa Clara County and YIMBY Action, a 501(c)(4) statewide nonprofit organization (EIN 81-514-0915). We’re also affiliated with the following pro-housing organizations:

What YIMBY Means

YIMBY means “Yes In My Back Yard”. The term gained its modern meaning in the early 2000s in the SF Bay Area due to high housing costs. More information about the general term can be found here.