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March 2020 Voting Guide

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve certainly noticed that it’s primary voting season again. When you’re making your decision for nominee for president, don’t forget that there’s exciting races down the ballot as well!

Senate District 13: Shelly Masur

Shelly Masur has a history of supporting affordable housing production in Redwood City and is a self-identified YIMBY and a supporter of SB 50. This makes her the clear YIMBY choice for SD13.

Mountain View Measure D: No

Measure D was developed by the City of Mountain View as a compromise to make landlord interest groups happy and stop them from developing their own anti rent control measure in November, although there is nothing stopping this even if measure D passes in March. Furthermore the language used in the ballot is misleading. The advertising attempts to ignore that Mountain View already has rent control, and that Measure D exists to weaken it.

County Committee: Emily Ann Ramos

There are many housing advocate candidates running for this position, and you might check out recommendations from Peninsula for Everyone.