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Thanks for Approving NBS Housing

Dear Members of the Mountain View City Council,

I am writing to you on behalf of Mountain View YIMBY, a community of pro-housing activists with a history deeply connected to North Bayshore. Our organization was born out of a shared passion for creating more housing in North Bayshore and, over the years, has grown to advocate for inclusive and abundant housing throughout our city. As one of the original members who was drawn to this cause because of the housing issues in North Bayshore, I personally want to express our deepest gratitude for your unanimous approval of the North Bayshore Master Plan.

We recognize and appreciate the scale and potential of this project, which is the largest in Mountain View’s history. It is inspiring to see the long-term vision of a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood in North Bayshore begin to take shape. The commitment to inclusive and abundant housing aligns with our mission at Mountain View YIMBY, and we are encouraged by the future this project will help create.

Importantly, we want to acknowledge the commitment to affordable housing within this development. The provision for 15% of the 7,000 housing units to be affordable is a significant step towards addressing the affordable housing shortage in our city. We believe this will be a vital contribution to Mountain View’s housing stock and will make our community more welcoming and inclusive.

We also commend the City Council for ensuring that the plan includes a range of community benefits. The allocation of 26 acres of public parks and open spaces, 4 acres of land for a school, new public and private streets, and improvements to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure will greatly enhance the quality of life in North Bayshore.

Looking ahead, we encourage continued dialogue and collaboration between the Council, developers, and community groups to ensure the success of this and future projects. Mountain View YIMBY remains committed to supporting and assisting your efforts in increasing housing availability and affordability in our city.

Once again, thank you for your visionary leadership and dedication to building a more inclusive, abundant, and thriving Mountain View. We are excited to see the positive impacts of the North Bayshore Master Plan unfold in the years to come.

With sincere gratitude, David Watson Mountain View YIMBY