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4.2 - Urgency Ordinance Extending Residential Eviction Protections

To Mayor Kamei and members of the City Council

At the start of the pandemic, the Mountain View city council passed an eviction moratorium to protect its residents from COVID-19. As time went on, the state legislature passed laws to extend the moratorium and provide relief for rent debt.

As we approach the deadline of the state moratorium, we urge the council to pass an urgency ordinance to extend the residential eviction protections. Although the state and federal government have provided a generous amount of funding for rent relief, it will still take time for that money to be distributed.

The upcoming eviction cliff is more likely to affect low-income renters and could lead to a rapid displacement of families. Therefore, we ask the council to extend the moratorium to ensure that our city recovers from the pandemic without additional hardship for tenants awaiting rent relief.

Thank you for considering our input.

Kind regards,
Salim Damerdji
On behalf of the members of MV YIMBY