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400 Logue Ave - Miramar

Dear Mayor Kamei and members of the City Council:

Mountain View YIMBY, a local volunteer advocacy group, expresses strong support for Miramar’s apartment project at 400 Logue Ave.

This strategic location, in the thick of the East Whisman planning area and steps away from Middlefield light rail, is excellent for high-density housing. The 408 proposed new homes will help mitigate the jobs-housing imbalance of the adjacent Google Middlefield Park project.

We believe that Mountain View, as the source of much employment growth in recent years, urgently needs large new residential developments like this one. The proposed project displaces no existing residents, and replaces a one-story office building that is a wasteful use of prime real estate. The 62 BMR units will help Mountain View meet its RHNA quotas.

Last month, EPC recognized this exemplary project with a unanimous vote in favor. We hope that you accept EPC’s recommendation and finalize the approval!

Thank you for considering our input.

Best regards,
Ilya Gurin
On behalf of the members of MV YIMBY