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Google North Bayshore announcement

Mountain View YIMBY welcomes the news, reported by the Mountain View Voice, that Google filed a preliminary plan for developing 120 acres of North Bayshore. This development will represent the culmination of a process that began in 2014 with the election of a pro-housing City Council, which revised the North Bayshore master plan in 2017. The 7,000 homes proposed for the Google property will fulfill most of the city’s goal of 9,850 homes in all of North Bayshore.

We eagerly anticipate the release of further plans for transportation, as part of an ongoing process led by the city. Transportation will be essential to fulfilling the goal of a high-density neighborhood without exacerbating traffic. We would prefer to see homes shifted away from 101 and its associated noise and air pollution. Offices, with their normally closed windows and superior ventilation, are more suited to the freeway location. Nevertheless, we welcome the development of as many new homes as possible both here and in the Middlefield Park area.