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Welcome to the City of Mountain View!

Dear City Clerk Heather Glaser:

The Mountain View chapter of South Bay YIMBY would like to congratulate you on your recent appointment to the City Clerk position.

We are a group of people who live or work in the city of Mountain View and believe in increasing equitable access to the opportunities offered by this amazing city, and combating global warming through urbanization. We do so by advocating for construction of homes at all income levels - from supportive housing to market rate! We protect Mountain View’s more vulnerable residents by defending Mountain View’s rent control law and advocating for better displacement protection policies. Last but not least, we push for more transit and bike and pedestrian infrastructure.

Many of our members care deeply about the decisions made by the city council. We look forward to seeing how you will continue to enable the community to advocate and be informed about our city.

Please let us know if we can be of any help to keep Mountain View an inclusive and welcoming city.

Emily Ann Ramos, Salim Damerdji, Michael Abramson, Alex Brown, David Watson, Pardis Beikzadeh, Bee Hanson and Jeremy Hoffman
On behalf of the Mountain View chapter of South Bay YIMBY