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Letter to Council - R3 Zoning Update

Dear Mayor Abe-Koga and Members of the City Council,

Mountain View YIMBY would like to make comments about Item 3.1 Lot 12 Remaining Development Priorities.

Since Lot 12 is owned by the city, it represents a finite and valuable resource.We think the city could make the best use of this opportunity by not limiting the number of units to 120.

Furthermore, given the financial impact of COVID on future budgets and the increased risk of homelessness, we believe that the city should utilize Measure A funding sources to close the financial gap in Lot 12 funding and create much needed Permanently Supportive Housing and Rapid Rehousing infrastructure for the city.

While perhaps environmentally friendly, instituting a work/live preference would result in less equitable and efficient outcomes for society overall by producing a less flexible support system for the most vulnerable in our society.

Lastly, as we encourage housing people rather than cars, we suggest the council lower the requirement to replace all 160 parking spaces. Downtown Mountain View is growing into a beautiful urban center providing residents with the opportunity to lead a car-free life.

Best Regards,
David Watson
On behalf of Mountain View YIMBY